A downloadable zine

Hi, this is my first zine, and my first upload on Itch.io! I am a huge fan of Pico-8 and this is my way of adding to the community. I hope you enjoy this little zine, and check out the games inside. Thank you for reading!

Games included

Sneaky Stealy: https://ironchestgames.itch.io/sneaky-stealy

Hakai: https://freezydev.itch.io/hakai

Flooded Caves: https://nusan.itch.io/flooded-caves

Sanki: https://krystman.itch.io/sanki

Here Comes The Bride: https://liquidream.itch.io/here-comes-the-bride


Haiku for Pico 8.pdf 313 kB

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